Our Story

The Mountain House Lodge has an extensive and interesting history, having first been established in 1973 under the name Rick’s Racks. Through the years, it has evolved into the family lodge it is today but still keeps some of its original charm. For example, skiers used to be able to ski right down the back stairs into what was then called The 2 Spigot Bar!

The Bed and Breakfast idea used to be the first person to prepare breakfast for everyone else. The Lodge’s courteous employees now serve a continental breakfast daily in your room! A local bear was using the old hot tub on the back deck, but it had to be taken away because he kept using it. We assure you that the new hot tub will not have four-footed friends!n

The Endeavor Lodge was expanded and remodeled in 1990, becoming the Endeavor Lodge with the addition of the East side of the structure, which added 12 more rooms for a total of 24. This lodge is located in a peaceful downtown area, overlooking the roaring Roaring Fork River that runs along side the Rio Grande Bike Trail to Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. Smuggler Mountain, which leads to Hunter Creek Valley and some of the finest hiking and cycling routes in the Aspen Mountains, is four blocks away from the entrance.

Our guests keep coming back year after year, and many of them have fond memories of the old Rick’s Racks days. Oftentimes, you can be in the lobby of the lodge and overhear people chatting about their past experiences here.

We hope to give you and your family beautiful memories that will last for years to come!